Ambassador Program

Simple Way to Earn Money Online

Earning money with Health Essentials Asia Ambassador Program is very easy now. We do the work, you earn cash. We handle customer queries and order for you, and you get paid a commission by simply referring a customer to us.

Our Ambassador program is FREE to join, it’s easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge.

How it Works

  1. As an Ambassador, you promote our services on your website,blog,forum or social media.
  2. Visitor clicks on your banner or link. It will link them to our website.
  3. If the visitor orders, the order will be registered as a sale for you.

simple way to earn money online

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I need to become an Ambassador?

    Nothing! Except your desire to be an affiliate.
    You don't even need a website. You can promote our services via search engines, blog, forums, social media, or simply email to all your friends and people you know with your referral link to our services.

  2. How does the Ambassador Program work?

    After signing up, you'll be provided with text links, banner ads, and other marketing materials you can use to promote our services. When someone clicks through your link or banner, a cookie is set to remember that you referred that customer. If they place an order within 90 days and become a paying customer, you'll earn a commission for that referral.

  3. What is referral link?

    A unique link provided to Ambassadors to promote an service that is then used to credit sale commissions to the Ambassador. A typical link starts off with the original domain then ends with the Ambassador id number.

  4. Does it cost me anything to become an Ambassador?

    It is FREE to join our Ambassador Program. You are not obligated to purchase any services.

  5. Are there requirements to be an affiliate?

    Anybody is welcomed to join as an Ambassador.

  6. Is my website eligible for the Ambassador Program?

    We accept almost all types of websites except for that which:

    • Advocates or promotes sexually explicit material.
    • Advocates or promotes violence.
    • Advocates or promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
    • Advocates or promotes illegal activities.
    • Violates intellectual property rights.

    We welcome all applications but reserve the right to refuse membership or revoke a membership at any time if we determine that your site contains objectionable material.

  7. What is the commission rate for Ambassador?

    For successful enrolment, ambassador receives 10% of registration for each new participant enrolled.

  8. How is the payment handled?

    All commission will paid by PayPal or bank transfer (Malaysia only) depending on the payment method that you choose.

  9. When will I get paid?

    You will get paid within 2 weeks (14 working days) upon completion of each event.

  10. Can I refer myself?

    You will NOT receive credit for referring yourself to Health Essentials Asia.

  11. What happens if two Ambassador refer the same visitor?

    Our policy is to credit sales to the "last referring Ambassador," since that site is the one most likely to have caused the sale to occur.

    Example 1: A visitor clicks on an referral link from Ambassador A but did not order anything. A week later, the visitor clicks on another referral link from Ambassador B and then orders something from Health Essentials Asia. In this case, the entire sales commission will be credited to Ambassador B.

    Example 2: A visitor clicks on an referral link from Affiliate A, and makes a MYR100 purchase. A week later, the visitor clicks on another referral link from Ambassador B, and spends another MYR100. The first sale will be credited to Ambassador A, while the second sale will be credited to Ambassador B.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help!

Ambassador Agreement
Page updated : November 14, 2017


This agreement describes the entire terms and conditions for participation in the Health Essentials Asia Sdn. Bhd. Ambassador Program (the Program). In this agreement, the term "Ambassador" refers to you (the applicant). Wherever the agreement refers to "you" or "your", it means "the Ambassador"; "we" or "our" or "Company" refers to Health Essentials Asia Sdn. Bhd. a company registered in Malaysia with registered number (865601-P) and office located at B-10-1, Northpoint, Mid Valley City, No. 1, Medan Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia "Site" means a World Wide Web site and, depending on the context, refers either to our site located at the URL, or to the site that the Ambassador will link to our site (and which the Ambassador will identify in the Program application). Please read this Agreement carefully before registering as an Ambassador. By signing up as an Ambassador for, you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions, understand, and agree with them.

Ambassador: All Ambassador membership is subject to prior approval. We reserves the right to refuse service to any new or existing Ambassador, in its sole discretion, with our without cause. We reserves the right to refuse to do business with anyone, at any time, for any reason. We reserves the right, without liability, to reject, omit or exclude any Ambassador, webmaster or website for any reason at any time, with or without notice and regardless of any previous conditions.

By using The Ambassador Program, you warrant that:

  • You are 18 years of age and that there is no legal reason that the Ambassador cannot enter into a binding agreement.
  • You are the owner or are licensed to use the entire contents contained on the approved website.
  • The website and/or newsletter does not violate any law or regulation.
  • The website and/or newsletter does not contain misrepresentation or content that is defamatory or violates any rights of privacy or publicity.
  • The website and or/newsletter does not and will not infringe any copyright, trademark, patent or other proprietary right.
  • You place our banners anywhere on your site as you see fit, or within non-spam emails.
  • NOT ALLOWED: All other uses of banners or links, such as newsgroups, chat rooms, message boards, banner networks, counters, or guestbooks etc. are NOT allowed. You are not allowed to refer yourself with your referral link.
  • Failure to abide by these rules could mean termination from Ambassador Program. Outstanding commissions won't be paid then.
  • Fraud is a serious offense, and will be treated as such. Fraud is defined as any action that intentionally attempts to create sales or click-throughs using robots, scripts, or manually "refreshing" of pages, for the sole purpose of creating commissions.

Privacy Policy

We respects the privacy of its users and promises not to disclose personal or business information to third parties without the express permission of you. We will not sell your name, e-mail address, phone number, or any other personal information to anyone else. We consider this information to be private, and it will remain as such. If You have any questions about your privacy rights, contact us at

Anti-Spam Policy

Ambassador for Health Essentials Asia Sdn. Bhd. services are prohibited from using any techniques considered to be "spam" by search engines, websites, visitors, prospects, or customers. Any illegal or unethical marketing techniques will lead to immediate termination, and we reserve the right to terminate any Ambassador using marketing techniques that we consider improper.

Ambassador Payments and Commissions

You will receive a commission for sending a authorized sales via your links. In order to place links, you must first be approved by to become an Ambassador of Ambassador Program. You understand that the payout amount may be changed at any time. You are responsible for determining if the payout for a link you have placed on your site has changed or been discontinued. You receive the commission from For successful enrolment, Ambassador receives 10% of registration for each new participant enrolled. Commission for Ambassadors will be paid within 2 weeks (14 working days) upon completion of each event. Commission payments can be made via bank Transfer (Malaysia) or PayPal (Malaysia and worldwide). Payments will be made in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) for Malaysian Ambassador whereas Ambassador outside of Malaysia, payments will be made in U.S. dollars. Any commissions earned in Ringgit Malaysia by oversea Ambassador will be converted into U.S. dollars by using a currency exchange rate from at the time of issuing commission. Commission will only be credited to an Ambassador after the customer has made full payment to the Company. Ambassadors are NOT employees of our company. An Ambassador is responsible and accountable for any and all fees, taxes, exchange rates, surcharges, bank charges and other expenses incurred for receiving any commission. Please check with your local banking institution to find out if any of these apply for your area/country.

Costs and Expenses

Ambassador shall bear all of its own costs and expenses related to its Ambassador status with Company including, but not limited to, compensation payable to Ambassador's participation in the Company (to the extent permitted), and all travel and other expenses associated with the Ambassador's participation in Company meetings and conferences (to the extent permitted). Ambassador understands and agrees that Ambassador has no right to the reimbursement from company.

Sales Performance

We are not responsible for sales from the Ambassador site. Much depends on how many visitors you receive monthly and how much exposure you give the link(s) to us. Proper web site design, coding and placement of links are the sole responsibility of the Ambassador. We are not responsible for sales not attributed to the Ambassador due to improper links.

Relationship of Parties

You and we are independent operator, and nothing in this Agreement will create any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or employment relationship between the parties. You will have no authority to make or accept any offers or representations on our behalf. You will not make any statement, whether on your site or otherwise, that reasonably would contradict anything in this section.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall the Company be liable for loss of profits, revenues or data or any special, incidental, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.


Our Systems will make every reasonable effort to track and pay commissions for all sales that apply to Ambassador. However, Our Systems is not responsible for technical problems, or other events outside our reasonable control which may temporarily disrupt or diminish this service.

Terms of Agreement

This Agreement remains in effect until cancelled by either party. Either the Ambassador or Company may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, by giving the other party written notice of termination by postal mail or e-mail. Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason, the Ambassador will immediately cease use of, and remove from the Ambassador's site, all links to company's site. Commissions earned through the date of expiration or cancellation of this Agreement will remain payable only if the qualifying sales are not cancelled by the referred customers. Payment of the final commission payment to the Ambassador may be withheld for a reasonable time in order to ensure that the correct amount is paid.

Modification of Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right in our sole discretion to modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement by posting a change notice or a new Agreement on our site. We will give the Ambassador a minimum of thirty (30) days prior notice of any changes in referral fees, payment schedule, payment procedures and program rules by postal mail or e-mail. The Ambassador's continued participation in this Program following our notice of a change or new Agreement will constitute binding acceptance of the change.

Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia.