How to Mend a Broken Heart Workshop

Introduction to the power of the mind - Designing your Destiny

We've all had those judgemental occasions we find ourselves with negative self talk, blaming others, and a long list of expectations including how to communicate better. Where to start you say? Well people can only do better when they know better (stolen from Dr Phil) Developed from four years study of Dr Eric Berne's work in TA, Beryl will demonstrate a cool easy pretalk that also has the client in waking hypnosis. They begin to understand where and how they became Judge, Victim, or Passive-aggressive - and then understanding new thought and language paterns of the Adult. "Of all the things I do this is the thing my clients most remember and work on" says Beryl. "I've met people years later who say, 'I often pull out that peice of paper and look at it to see how my language has contributed to an arguement and see how I can change". This pretalk has helped clients become parents better parents, spouses, bosses and co-workers. So, if you want to branch into any of these client sets, this talk is for you. Bring paper and pen, you'll want to record as you go along.

Broken Heart? Mended Here!

In a two hour presentation Beryl will choose someone from the audience to demonstrate a technique for healing a broken heart. In previous demonstrations people in the audience following the technique have also found some relief. The technique uses NLP techniques whilst the volunteer is in hypnosis.

By the end of this seminar participants will be able to:

  • Understand the mental and emotional processes clients go through before, during and after the break up.
  • Discuss what happens when partnerships break up.
  • Help self/clients deal with the emotional consequences of a break up.
  • Help with the shock, disbelief, anger, grief with disappearance of a partner "for no reason".
  • Disentangle the depression, guilt and lack of self confidence/self esteem issues that accompany break ups.


What a great endorsement for my course. "Just yesterday I used Beryl Comar's technique on a stop smoking client who said he was smoking because he was so upset about a previous failed relationship. When a person all of a sudden feels as if they can move on with their life, it is life changing. In this case he had no more excuses to keep smoking. He is now a happy healthy non smoker."

- Helena Jehnichen

"You've unchained my heart and set me free. I'm listening to the song and feeling neutral for the first time."

- Robyn

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Beryl Comar

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03 December 2018
03 December 2018


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